Watch: Female High School Field Hockey Player Screams in Agony as Teeth Knocked Out by Trans Player

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Footage shows male senior swiftly strike ball in attempt to make goal, inadvertently hitting female player directly in mouth.

A female high school lacrosse player in Massachusetts was seriously injured during a field hockey match on Thursday when a biologically male transgender player shot the ball, striking her in the face and causing her to lose her teeth.

Footage of the incident circulated on social media showing the moment Swampscott Big Blue varsity player Sawyer Groothius, a male senior, swiftly struck the ball in an attempt to make a goal, inadvertently hitting a female Dighton-Rehoboth player directly in the mouth.

The female player can be heard loudly crying out in pain, as her teammates stood by in shock.

Male field hockey player knocks the teeth out of a girl on the opposing team

This MUST end‼️

— ICONS (@icons_women) November 3, 2023

The incident went viral on social media, where the Massachusetts policy allowing male students to play in female sports was criticized.

Listen to the screams of these young women. Massachusetts’ field hockey team Swampscott Big Blue have a male senior on its team named Sawyer Groothius #7. He knocked teeth out of a female player on the opposing team. He also scored both goals in the 2-0 win for his team 🧵

— Admiral Invalidator (@Artofhunger75) November 3, 2023

Massachusetts allows boys on girls teams as a matter of “equal rights.”

Girls getting teeth knocked out by more powerful boys is not equality.

— Nicole Solas, Sued by the Teachers Union (@Nicoletta0602) November 3, 2023

Here is the clip I recorded because the school already took the video down of the Swampscott male field hockey player hitting a ball into the face of a female Dighton-Rehoboth field hockey player, knocking out her teeth.

Boys on girls teams endangers the lives of girls.

— Nicole Solas, Sued by the Teachers Union (@Nicoletta0602) November 3, 2023

And this is a GIRLS team that has a boy on it.

It’s not co-ed. It’s not “mixed.”


— Nicole Solas, Sued by the Teachers Union (@Nicoletta0602) November 3, 2023

The absence of reporting on the girl’s injury drew criticism as well.

Sounds like the boy is consistently outperforming the girls.

And no coverage of the girl’s severe injury he inflicted.

— Nicole Solas, Sued by the Teachers Union (@Nicoletta0602) November 3, 2023

While some defended the male senior for merely attempting to make a shot, others pointed out male players are simply more powerful and dangerous to females due to genetic differences.

Men are powerful and cause worse injuries. These accidents are more likely and more catastrophic bc the playing field is unequal when men play in women’s sports.

— Nicole Solas, Sued by the Teachers Union (@Nicoletta0602) November 3, 2023

Men are stronger and cause worse injuries and increase the likelihood of injuries. That’s not in “all fairness.”

— Nicole Solas, Sued by the Teachers Union (@Nicoletta0602) November 3, 2023

The injury is reminiscent of an incident in October 2022 involving a North Carolina transgender high school volleyball player, in which he spiked the ball at female opponent Payton McNabb striking her in the face and causing severe neck and head injuries.

McNabb later came forward to speak out about transgenders participating in female sports.

+ My heart goes out to the young girl that got injured and her family💔 This is a horrible thing to have to go through. And to the people that are allowing it to happen, you’re weak and should be ashamed of yourself.

— payton mcnabb (@paytonmcnabb_) November 3, 2023

Perhaps the incident will also inspire the injured field hockey player to come forward.

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