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Disclosing the truth about UFOs: Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer is a man on a mission. From his early days as an emergency physician to his current role as a prominent advocate for UFO disclosure, Greer’s journey has been defined by a pursuit of truth in the face of secrecy, resistance, and threats to his very existence.


Greer’s foray into the world of UFOs began decades ago with the inception of the Disclosure Project. “Our program began in the 1990s, identifying individuals with top-secret clearances who possessed critical information about UFOs,” Greer told me.

‘I remind people that if you were to take the worst aspects of the heyday of the Mafia, the organization running these covert projects would make those guys look like choirboys.’

This initiative, initially known as Project Starlight, operated discreetly, reflecting the sensitivity of its mission. As he noted, the program officially started “when we began to identify people with top-secret clearances who had information about the UFO/UAP issue.”

Greer elaborated:

The reason we created it, by the way — and this is a little more difficult for the public to appreciate — is that in 1993 and forward, having had meetings with various folks such as the director of the CIA and senior officers in the Pentagon and elsewhere, it became quite clear to me that highly secretive and compartmentalized programs were being run without the consent or knowledge not only of the president but also key members of Congress [as well as] senior generals and admirals in the Pentagon.”

Unsurprisingly, those in power, the invisible forces that operate in the shadows, are not impressed with Greer’s bold initiative

In his own words: “We’ve encountered significant resistance from within government and corporate circles.”

“The latest developments include inquiries from Senate Intelligence and Armed Services Committees,” Greer said, highlighting persistent efforts to engage policymakers despite historical reluctance to openly address UFO-related issues. The culmination of his efforts occurred at the National Press Club in 2001, where over 20 whistleblowers joined Greer to disclose their experiences to a global audience.

Over the years, Greer and his team have compiled a database of over 700 whistleblowers, though only a fraction have chosen to go public. The reason why is simple: Many of these people are terrified of the consequences.

Suspicious circumstances

And who can blame them? Greer’s journey has been fraught with danger. “Several colleagues have died under suspicious circumstances,” he disclosed, revealing the risks associated with attempting to lift the veil of secrecy shrouding UFO information. Greer has also faced numerous attempts on his own life. As he put it, “I remind people that if you were to take the worst aspects of the heyday of the Mafia, the organization running these covert projects would make those guys look like choirboys.” He wasn’t exaggerating.

At the heart of Greer’s advocacy is his criticism of the much-talked-about “deep state,” a hidden network of interests that operates beyond regular oversight “There’s a subrosa operation abusing state power, both in the U.S. and globally,” he stated, pointing out the widespread impact of undisclosed, even unholy, agendas.

The concept of the “deep state” often conjures images of unhinged lunatics in dark corners, whispering about shady figures controlling the levers of power. Yet history has repeatedly shown that one needn’t wear a tin-foil hat to acknowledge the existence of hidden forces shaping political landscapes.

Consider John F. Kennedy, whose assassination in 1963 remains one of the most debated events in American history. While official narratives point to Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman, many questions linger about the potential involvement of other parties. Decades of investigations, documentaries, and whistleblowers have uncovered layers of conflicting narratives, suggesting a deeper story that the official report intentionally ignored.

Then there’s Watergate, the 1972 scandal that unraveled the Nixon administration. What began as a botched burglary at the Democratic National Committee headquarters revealed a web of covert operations and illegal surveillance conducted by intelligence agencies. The revelation of tapes exposing Nixon’s complicity underscored how far-reaching and clandestine governmental operations could be.

And what about the Iran-Contra affair of the 1980s, where covert arms deals and illegal funding mechanisms were eventually exposed through investigative journalism and congressional hearings? These revelations shocked the public. Today, some might argue that the Iran-Contra affair appears quaint.

These events illustrate not merely isolated incidents but a pattern of secrecy and manipulation that persists across decades. The deep state isn’t a monolithic entity but rather a network of entrenched interests within the military, intelligence, and bureaucratic apparatuses. Their actions transcend electoral cycles, shaping policies and outcomes beyond public scrutiny. Presidents come and go. The deep state remains.

Deep state danger

During a recent interview with Patrick Bet-David, Greer emphasized this very point. He suggested that contrary to conventional thought, the president isn’t the most influential figure in America; in fact, he doesn’t rank among the top 100 most influential people in the country.

While it’s a bold assertion, one doesn’t need to be a “Hillary eats babies” nut to subscribe. One of the defining characteristics of the deep state is its ability to conceal actions and motives for years, if not indefinitely. Classified documents, redacted reports, and weaponization of specific branches of government have all served as barriers to transparency. Even when information does emerge, it’s often long after the events in question, leaving gaps in public understanding and trust.

Considering the inherent dangers associated with his profession, it seemed appropriate to ask Greer if he believes in God. The North Carolina native maintains a spiritual perspective that informs his worldview. “I would say I’m a spiritual person with a spiritual perspective and understanding regarding a supreme being, an afterlife, the soul, and so forth.”

“But,” he was quick to add, “I wouldn’t call myself religious in the sense of wanting to be associated with any particular sect or organization.”

Greer, a workaholic in his 60s with the drive of a man half his age, remains steadfastly focused on advancing the goals of the Disclosure Project. His primary strategy involves engaging directly with policymakers — a painful task full of bureaucratic obstacles and political maneuvering. In truth, a day in the life of Greer appears to be a cross between a Kafka novel and “The Bourne Identity.” Rather remarkably, Greer handles it all with impressive composure.

“We’re actively engaging with the White House and Congress to push for hearings and protections for whistleblowers,” he affirmed, signaling ongoing efforts to promote transparency and accountability in UFO disclosures. “We’re also in discussions with people at the House Oversight Committee about having open hearings — not with secondhand witnesses.”

Greer’s journey from the world of medicine to UFO disclosure advocate has been a roller coaster of uplifting highs and devastating lows. As history has shown with his predecessors, the dangers he faces are all too real. Will Greer live to see the full realization of his efforts, or will he, like so many before him, meet an untimely end under mysterious circumstances? The answer may lie in how society confronts the truths he seeks to expose.

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Socialist agenda threatens America’s legacy of reconciliation

At an otherwise joyous, peaceful American political gathering on July 13, shots rang out as an attempted murder was committed against the universal choice of half or more of our nation’s population for president. Soon after the assassination attempt, pleadings were pouring out from Democratic politicians that this was “not acceptable in America.” Really?

Democrats have lied about Donald Trump every single day for nine years. Democrats tried to oust him from office through an FBI-engineered coup. They tried to oust him through two spurious impeachments. Democrats changed the election laws in six toss-up states through extra-legislative means to rig an election to make sure Trump would not have a second term. And since he has been out of office, they have sought to bankrupt him and then jail him. Now, a deranged young man has tried to kill him.

Trump is an American who proved Thomas Jefferson’s words true: ‘Fear is not an American art.’

And the Democrats claim they only want reconciliation. Really?

For 235 years, our nation has been held together by the genius of several governing systems designed to ensure liberty through fair, equitable governance, opportunities, and aspirations that reconcile fellow citizens. The only exception is the aftermath of slavery, beyond the adoption of our Constitution, which caused the nation to suffer some 620,000 casualties in the Civil War alone.

Our Constitution is based on Aristotelian common sense, acknowledging that not all persons will think of the same subject in the same way. Our system allows all citizens to vote directly or to be heard through their elected representatives in assemblies where discussions and arguments are freely expressed, heard, and considered for the best interests of the town, state, or country. The majority opinion then guides the creation of fair and beneficial laws common to all. If one disagrees with a law, one has the right to vote for another aspirant to the assembly who aligns more with their views. It is the best system ever devised in human history for reconciling the always various views of a single electorate.

Our Constitution defines our nation as a federal republic; federalism allows localities and states to live largely under their own laws. This system ensures that a more populous California or New York cannot dictate to a smaller Missouri or Wyoming how to live under laws they disagree with. The Constitution foresaw that people from different states might have very different ideas on governance. Through federalism, states like Wyoming and California can agree on common rights and common defenses without necessarily having the same laws.

This civil framework is one based on a pluralistic society operating under a common federal framework which is reconciled while maintaining its diversity.

Our free enterprise system, based in part on Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations,” allows the consumer to decide what products are produced and by whom. The consumer votes through their choice of goods or services. People prosper under this system to the extent that they serve the public good. Those who spend their lives conceiving good ideas, investing time, labor, and capital into them, and delivering them to a subscribing public deserve the rewards they receive.

This economic framework allows everyone the freedom to produce and purchase what they wish, providing opportunities for upward mobility based on merit. Such a society reconciles economically through a system of rightful and merited rewards.

Lastly, the Constitution left the spiritual realm free. Our nation’s founders, strong in their Judeo-Christian beliefs, ensured that the determination of one’s faith remained firmly in the soul of the believer without any government interference.

It may be noted that the founder of Christianity was the greatest reconciler of humanity ever to walk the earth. He preached humility and acceptance of sinners, tax collectors, lepers, Romans, Greeks, and Samaritans. Even on the cross, he pled for mercy for his executioners just before his death: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

The American protection of faiths and the Christianity of Americans have been among our nation’s greatest reconciling forces.

So, why does the left hate Donald Trump? Because a large percentage of the Democratic Party is now socialist in belief to their core. And those core beliefs are irreconcilable with these American systems of reconciliation.

The socialists in the Democratic Party do not believe in representative government or federalism. They believe in concentrating power in Washington, D.C., and wielding it through the unconstitutional, unenumerated, unbalanced, unchecked, unelected, unrepresentative, unaccountable administrative state — alone.

These socialists do not believe in free enterprise; they believe in a command-and-control economy where they decide what is produced and by whom, regardless of citizens’ wants.

Socialists do not believe in God. Their only god is the wealth and power they can take from you.

In short, socialists are at war with our founding forms of social reconciliation. That is why they seek to break, bankrupt, jail, and maybe even kill him: Donald Trump is an American.

Trump is also an American who proved Thomas Jefferson’s words true: “Fear is not an American art.”

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Secret Service failures during assassination attempt similar to those in hidden Jan. 6 report, sources say

Communication failures by the U.S. Secret Service on Jan. 6, 2021, that are described in a still-secret inspector general report could relate directly to mistakes made on July 13 leading up to the attempted assassination of former President Donald J. Trump, congressional sources told Blaze News.

The Jan. 6 report from Department of Homeland Security Inspector General Joseph V. Cuffari was submitted for review in April but is being held up in the office of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, a senior congressional aide told Blaze News on the condition of anonymity. The Secret Service is part of the DHS.

“They don’t want it out. They don’t want it publicized. They don’t like the conclusions,” the source said. “And that was before this [shooting] happened.”

Before being sent to Mayorkas, the Jan. 6 Office of Inspector General report was reviewed by Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle, the source said. The OIG’s Jan. 6 investigation has been ongoing for more than three years.

“That January 6 report that we’ve been waiting on from the IG has a set of recommendations in there,” the source said. “It’s about the Secret Service failures on January 6. One of the recommendations directly related to what happened on Saturday.”

The source had not read a copy of the Jan. 6 OIG report but had its contents described by officials familiar with its development. The connection between the report and communication failures on July 13 is one of the possible links.

Another senior congressional staff member said communication problems could tie the Jan. 6 OIG report to the tragedy at the Trump rally at the Butler Farm Show Inc. fairgrounds in Butler, Pennsylvania.

“I believe the recommendation that ties J6 to J13 is the USSS’s inexplicably disjointed and inefficient communication structure with other agencies,” the source told Blaze News on the condition of anonymity.

Blaze News contacted the Homeland Security OIG and Secretary Mayorkas’ office for comment but did not receive a response by time of publication.

Cuffari’s office has opened three investigations on the attempted assassination, including one on counter-sniper team preparedness and two others on the process for securing the Trump site and determining how well the agency’s work “ensures the safety and security of designated protectees,” the OIG website said.

‘Our Secret Service sniper, from a much greater distance and with only one bullet used, took the assassin’s life.’

Just after 6:11 p.m. on July 13, Thomas Matthew Crooks opened fire with an AR-15-style rifle on former President Trump, striking him in the right ear and causing a mad scramble by the Secret Service to cover Trump and move him off the stage.

Crooks climbed onto the roof of Building 6 at the American Glass Research manufacturing complex just north of the fairgrounds. Even though witnesses near the building saw him crawling up the roof with his rifle, that information did not seem to make it to Secret Service agents guarding Trump during his truncated speech.

Crooks fired shots at the podium and surrounding area. Retired volunteer fire chief Corey Comperatore, 50, of Sarver, Pennsylvania, was killed while shielding his family from the gunfire. Two other rally-goers were seriously wounded by Crooks’ hail of bullets.

Key questions still to be answered by the OIG, the FBI, and congressional committees tasked with investigating the attempted assassination include why Crooks was not stopped as he drew attention near the event for more than three hours. Cell phone videos posted on social media show bystanders near the AGR complex shouting for police as Crooks shimmied up the slightly pitched roof.

Trump’s sudden turn of the head as he referenced a large information graphic for the crowd ultimately saved his life. A rifle round aimed at the center of his head grazed his right ear instead.

Seconds after Crooks opened fire on Trump and the crowd, a police sniper nearly 450 yards away fired a round and struck the young man. Crooks suffered at least three bullet wounds, a source told Blaze News. It’s not yet known which sniper’s bullet struck Crooks’ head and killed him.

President Trump referenced the work of the sniper teams during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee on July 18. His comments confirmed exclusive coverage by Blaze News a day earlier.

‘There were horrible comms that day.’

“And then it all stopped,” Trump said after recounting the horror of being shot. “Our Secret Service sniper, from a much greater distance and with only one bullet used, took the assassin’s life.”

Two elite experts who have frequently served in security missions globally and train snipers and other agents at the Secret Service and other agencies identified communications as a key problem.

Police and Secret Service radios were not on a common channel on July 13, the sources said. “There were horrible comms that day,” one said.

At least one of the sniper teams had Crooks in their sights, but they went into “deconfliction mode” because they expected that the roof on which Crooks was prone with his rifle would be secured by police, the sources said.

The roof of Building 6 was supposed to have a counter-sniper team on it during the event, the sources said, but for unknown reasons, there was no one to secure that building.

The net result of the hesitation was more likely due to the “friend-or-foe” deconfliction effort than anything nefarious, the sources said.

Local police spotted Crooks crawling on a retaining wall along one side of Building 6 at about 5:30 p.m. A photo of Crooks taken by a police officer from a mast-cam, drone or helicopter, was circulated to officers on the ground.

On Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol, questions have been raised about Secret Service actions before, during, and after a pipe bomb was discovered at the nearby Democratic National Committee headquarters.

The FBI has said the would-be bomber placed the device next to a bench along the DNC building the night before Jan. 6. The pipe bomb was not discovered until 1:05 p.m. by a Capitol Police counter-surveillance officer.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris arrived at the DNC at 11:30 a.m. on Jan. 6. Her motorcade pulled into the garage entrance just feet from where the pipe bomb was found more than 90 minutes later.

Security video brought to light by U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) showed that in the minutes after discovery of the bomb, Secret Service agents and police officers stood in the building’s driveway having a conversation. Before the officers sitting in two vehicles in the driveway emerged, they finished their lunches, Massie reported.

Questions have been raised as to whether the Secret Service did a proper sweep of the property with bomb-sniffing dogs before Harris’ arrival. An officer seen on CCTV security video earlier in the day shows what appeared to be a bomb dog walking along the building perimeter, including the area near the bomb. The dog did not discover the device.

The Secret Service deleted text messages from its phones from Jan. 5 and 6 during a “device replacement program,” Cuffari wrote in a letter to House and Senate Homeland Security committees. The deletion came after Cuffari’s office demanded Secret Service electronic communications from Jan. 6.

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Video shows teenage girl fight off armed man who allegedly tried to kidnap her in broad daylight in Los Angeles

A teenager was able to fight off an armed man who was trying to kidnap her near an elementary school in Los Angeles, according to police.

The harrowing incident unfolded near the Figueroa Street elementary school on Tuesday at about 3:30 p.m.

‘I hope the police start to pay more attention to the community.’

The 15-year-old girl spoke to KABC-TV about the horrible ordeal that was also captured on surveillance video from Roxi’s Store.

The video shows a driver allegedly stalking the girl from a white or silver SUV. The man jumps out of the car and grabs her, trying to drag the girl into the car. Police said he was armed at the time.

The girl said that she struck the man with her phone and was able to break his grip so that she could run away. Another video showed her emotionally distraught at a nearby store.

The victim’s mother told KABC that her daughter was treated for an injury caused by the man allegedly grabbing her neck. She said the girl was also emotionally traumatized by the incident.

Neither the mother nor the victim wanted to be publicly identified.

Residents from the neighborhood said that they were on edge after hearing the news.

“I hope the police start to pay more attention to the community,” said a shop owner.

KABC published videos from both surveillance cameras on its YouTube account here.

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Gunman was allegedly able to get aerial footage of rally by drone before shooting at Trump, WSJ reports

A Wall Street Journal report says that the gunman who allegedly fired at former President Donald Trump was able to fly a drone in order to surveil the area at the rally.

The report is the latest in a series of leaks that has exposed the Secret Service to incredible scrutiny over the lapse of security provided to the former president.

‘This is just unbelievable! What a mess!’

The report said Thomas Matthew Crooks obtained the footage by flying a drone along a predetermined path just hours ahead of the rally on July 13, according to law enforcement officials who spoke to the Journal.

Officials also said they found explosives in Crooks’ car, leading many to believe he intended to cause more carnage in addition to shooting the president.

Local law enforcement officials and the Secret Service have been playing the blame game and tossing out accusations at each other since the shocking incident.

Lawmakers and others have heavily criticized the head of the Secret Service over the constant stream of information documenting the many failures of the plan to protect Trump.

While Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle has claimed to have taken responsibility for the lapses, she has also said that she would not be stepping down from her position.

Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee responded to the revelation by criticizing the Secret Service director.

“The thing that is so frustrating about this is we’re getting these bits and pieces we’re trying to verify and make certain that we know what is information, what is rumor, and that we hold the director to account,” she said in a segment on Fox News. “This is just unbelievable! What a mess!”

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