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The left’s DISTURBING reaction to failed assassination attempt on Trump

Those on the left have historically painted those on the right as being cruel and lacking empathy, but after the assassination attempt on Donald Trump’s life, it’s clear they’ve been describing themselves the entire time.

Even before Trump quite literally dodged a bullet, there have been countless times where celebrities, politicians, and mainstream media talking heads called for his demise.

“When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” Johnny Depp once bellowed into a microphone while veteran Broadway actress Carol Cook once asked cameras, “Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him?”

There is of course the famous clip of Madonna telling a crowd, “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” and the horrific image of Kathy Lee Gifford holding a severed Trump head that’s been seared into all of our minds.

On a recent podcast episode with Glenn Loury, author and New York Times contributor John McWhorter hopped on the Trump-hating bandwagon and said something he will likely come to regret.

“I have taken a great deal of heat for saying, or implying, that I wish somebody would kill Donald Trump, and that is exactly what I was implying,” he told Loury. “It was irresponsible of me to say that in a public space.”

Pat Gray, Keith Malinak, and Jeffy of “Pat Gray Unleashed” are horrified by all of it.

“It’s like, ‘Hello, New York Times, is this guy still employed?’” Malinak says, disturbed.

Former chairman of the January 6 Committee Benny Thompson waited until after the assassination attempt to go after Trump.

In a post, he had a staffer put a message on social media that read, “I don’t condone violence but please get you some shooting lessons so you don’t miss next time ooops that wasn’t me talking.”

“He let her go already. By the way,” Malinak says, “Benny Thompson did try to strip Trump of his security.”

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Two bodies found in semi-truck trailer were so badly decomposed they looked like ‘mummies,’ according to Texas police

Texas police said that two bodies found in a semi-truck trailer appeared like “mummies” because of their advanced decomposition.

The Houston Police Department said officers were tipped off about the bodies and found them in a trailer parked at Milwee Street near Bolin Road.

‘When you jump in there, it’s just like quicksand. You’re going to sink down in there.’

Lt. R. Willkens said someone overheard two homeless people talking about the bodies at a nearby convenience store and contacted police about the claim.

Clothing and other donations made to the Purple Heart charity are stored in trailers. When first responders arrived to investigate, they found a suspicious hole cut into one of them.

“There’s a hole, you can see, up on the very top of the truck. It looks like there’s a hole cut out. And officers, HFD, got a ladder, got up there, and they found out when they looked in the hole, there appears to be two bodies for sure,” said Willkens.

He went on to say that investigators found evidence that the two people were living in the semi-truck trailer. Police don’t know how long the bodies had been in the trailer but described them as appearing like “mummies.”

KTRK-TV spoke to Howard Penright, an employee at the donation center, who said that people cutting into trailers has been an ongoing problem.

“Man, it’s just mind-boggling,” he said about the incident. “It’s going to be a tough day.”

Penright explained that it’s possible to sink into clothing piles in the trailer: “When you jump in there, it’s just like quicksand. You’re going to sink down in there, and you probably couldn’t say nothing. That’s probably why we never heard nobody.”

Police said they are still investigating the matter, and a medical examiner will determine the cause of death for both of the people.

Here’s the news video from KTRK with Penright’s comments.

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Monster shoots baby in stroller. Parents apparently run and hide — suspect believed to be female.

A truly gut-wrenching video the Philadelphia Police Department released Friday revealed that a female suspect opened fire on a street in broad daylight, wounding a baby in a stroller.

Just before 6 p.m. Thursday, a couple was walking along the 4000 block of Meridian Street in the Holmesburg section of the city, pushing their 7-month-old son in a stroller, WCAU-TV reported. Suddenly, a woman approached the couple and began firing a gun.

‘Black female, heavy build, long dreadlocks, black sweatshirt with large front graphic, light blue jeans, black shoes with white soles.’

The video shows the suspect firing at least three shots — two at one parent, and one at the other. The suspect then walks away, and the parents flee.

The video also captured yelling between the suspect and victims. The mother appears to cry out about her “baby,” while the suspect responds by calling the woman a “b****.” Otherwise, their other words are unintelligible.

The mother was right to fear for her child because one shot struck the baby in the leg. He was taken to one hospital in a private vehicle before police transferred him to another. As of late Friday morning, the boy’s condition is reported to be stable.

Meanwhile, officers investigating the shooting had difficulty locating the other victims. When they arrived, the parents were nowhere to be found. After searching for an hour, cops finally located them a few blocks away from where the shooting took place, according to NBC Philadelphia.

Police are also reaching out to the public for assistance in identifying the suspect. They released the following description: “Black female, heavy build, long dreadlocks, black sweatshirt with large front graphic, light blue jeans, black shoes with white soles.”

Anyone with information is asked to call or text (215) 686-TIPS (8477) or submit anonymous tips via an online police portal.

Police advise against approaching the suspect.

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Portland homeless advocate allegedly stabbed to death by homeless person

The self-appointed “sheriff” who screened homeless people to determine who could live on his street in Portland, Oregon, has now apparently died at the hands of one of those he tried so hard to help.

His name was Kenny Housman.

Around 12:30 a.m. Monday, Housman reportedly was trying to referee an argument between two homeless people when suddenly one of them apparently stabbed Housman in the throat.

‘He does not have the authority to monitor the public street bordering his property.’

Housman was raced to the hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries. He was 73.

Reports indicate that two other homeless campers apprehended a person described as a “suspect” in Housman’s fatal stabbing and held that person down until police arrived. However, that individual later was released from custody without being charged. The person was said to be “cooperating” in the investigation.

Blaze News reached out to detectives assigned to the case to see if the apprehended individual was ever considered a suspect, and Portland Police public information manager Mike Benner issued Blaze News the following statement:

At this point there is not enough evidence to charge the detained individual with a crime, and that explains the release from custody. The individual is cooperating with authorities, and the investigation is ongoing. We have nothing further to add.

Last September, KATU-TV featured a story on Housman, who owned the block that stretched the length of Clinton Street. Housman had dubbed himself “Sheriff of Clinton Street” and permitted homeless residents to set up camp along the street so long as they passed his inspection.

“You don’t want those kinda people that steal catalytic converters and gas,” he told the outlet at the time. “You don’t want them on your street. If there are those kinda people, then you have to take steps to get them out.”

Though RVs and tents lined his street, Housman banned loud generators and late-night parties. He also provided some homeless residents with electricity.

By all accounts, Housman — a Vietnam veteran — adamantly believed he could help at least some people. “They gotta live someplace. … The good ones have to live someplace,” he said. “The others? They can’t live here.”

Neighbors complained about violent crime spikes in the area, and data supports their concerns. KATU independently verified that the neighborhood had an “above average number of assaults, stolen cars and weapons violations,” though those numbers could not necessarily be directly tied to the homeless encampments.

The Street Services Coordination Center for the City of Portland also was frustrated with Housman’s autonomous zone. “Mr. Houseman [sic] has been known to contact city workers and attempt to enable people to stay on the block, though he does not have the authority to monitor the public street bordering his property,” a 2023 statement from the agency read in part.

Housman seemed to believe his naysayers overgeneralized about homeless people and perhaps had overlooked their good qualities. “They just see a motorhome. They think, ‘Oh no, homeless, crime, drugs …’ They don’t see Tim, who I think works, I’m not sure, but he won’t steal from them or anything else. They don’t see, I don’t know Jim very well; old man Steve, living on Social Security, needs a place to stay,” he explained.

He also denied that his approved campers engaged in behaviors often associated with homelessness. “You don’t find any car thieves here,” he told KATU. “You don’t find people laying around doing drugs … You shouldn’t find any needles; all of the trash is in one place for [waste removal] to pick up.”

Now, at least one of the Clinton Street campers is mourning the loss of Housman. “He did things to try and help them out,” Michael Zamora, who lives in an RV, recalled.

“He didn’t have to die.”

(H/T: The Post Millennial)

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Bud Light collapse continues as beer sales plummet to third place

The Bud Light-transgender debacle is apparently continuing to take a toll on the brand after a report found that it had slipped from second place to third place among beers.

Bud Light was the focus of a national boycott after a transgender activist announced a partnership with the brand to celebrate the activist’s “100 days of girlhood” campaign on social media.

‘I’m not someone who holds a f**king grudge his whole life.’

The brand had previously been at the top slot before the boycott eroded its market share. Last year, Modelo Especial eclipsed Bud Light and remains at the top, but second place has now been claimed by Michelob Ultra, according to the latest report.

Both Bud Light and Michelob Ultra are brewed by Anheuser-Busch, whose stock has lost about 10% of market value since the transgender controversy.

An Anheuser-Busch spokesperson said only that “millions of consumers choose Bud Light every day” in response to the report and added that Bud Light “will always be a mainstay of our iconic portfolio.”

Some of those who were most critical of Bud Light eventually abandoned the boycott. Kid Rock, who amplified the boycott by shooting cases of Budweiser with a gun, later said that he supported the brand after realizing how many American jobs were in the balance.

“I’m not someone who holds a f***ing grudge his whole life,” said the musician.

Joe Rogan also defended Bud Light while drinking the beer with a guest on his popular podcast show in April 2023.

In February, the brand hired comedian Shane Gillis as a spokesperson to help regain its consumer base.

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Biggest takeaways from Trump’s RNC speech

There’s something in the air at this year’s RNC — something that Glenn Beck hasn’t felt in a long time.

According to him, this is a “different party” than we’ve seen before, and that’s because the man who spoke on stage last night — the man who will lead the party and likely the nation — is a “very, very different Donald Trump.”

“I’ve Never Seen Him Like This”: Glenn Beck’s Biggest Takeaways From Trump’s RNC Speech

“I’ve never seen him like this; I’ve never heard him speak this way; I’ve never seen him take the stage the way he did,” says Glenn, adding that this reformed Trump comes across as “humbled,” a stark contrast to his typical bombastic persona.

Trump’s newfound humility is almost certainly the result of nearly being murdered on live television. Coming face to face with death has clearly awakened the nominee’s spiritual side, as he claimed that “God saved [his] life” again in his RNC speech last night.

“Now, there’s something else that happened that I haven’t heard a lot of people talk about,” says Glenn. “Donald Trump has kind of shifted gears into this zone of, ‘I know what I know, I know what I feel, and I know who the other side is and they’re dismissed.”’

“He’s not fighting them like he was before,” he continues, adding that “it’s almost as if [Trump] feels that the outcome is already there, and he doesn’t need to push the envelope anymore; he just needs to say the truth.”

Another uncharacteristic thing he did was “[write] this speech himself,” which Glenn found to be “riveting material.”

He also said that he was “not going to mention [Joe Biden’s] name anymore.”

“To me that may be lowering the temperature a little bit,” says Glenn, but it’s also perhaps Trump’s way of acknowledging that “Joe Biden is not going to be the nominee.”

“Why waste his hour … 90 minutes of television making a case against a guy who’s not going to be running?” he asks.

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Ocasio-Cortez says anti-Biden Democrats want to secretly cut Kamala Harris from ticket too: ‘That’s bulls***!’

Socialist Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York excoriated Democrats for leaking anonymous comments to derail the Biden campaign while not admitting they want to jettison Vice President Kamala Harris as well.

Ocasio-Cortez made the comments in a video she posted to her social media account on Thursday.

“I’m gonna say what a lot of these folks aren’t saying. I’m just gonna say it,” said Ocasio-Cortez.

“If you think that there is consensus among the people who want Joe Biden to leave, that they will support Kamala, Vice President Harris, you would be mistaken. And I’m gonna say that because if they’re gonna come out and say all their little things on background, off the record, but they’re not gonna be fully honest, I’m gonna be honest for them,” she continued.

“I’m in these rooms. I see what they say in conversations,” Ocasio-Cortez added. “A lot of them are not just interested in removing the president. They are interested in removing the full ticket.”

She floated a conspiracy theory that Republicans were plotting to steal the election through the Supreme Court.

She went to call out those Democrats who didn’t admit in public that they wanted to get rid of Harris on the ticket as well.

“That’s bulls***! If you have an opinion, say it with your chest, and say it in public!” she added.

She admitted in the hour-long video posted to Instagram that Biden’s performance at the debate against Trump was terrible, but she floated a conspiracy theory that Republicans were plotting to steal the election through the Supreme Court.

“I want to put all my cards out on the table because I don’t know what’s going to happen,” she added earlier in the video.

Ocasio-Cortez had previously defended Biden and said the issue of his candidacy was settled because he had come out and decided that he was staying in the race.

“I have spoken with him extensively, he made clear then, and he has made clear since, that he’s in this race. The matter is closed,” she said at the time.

“Joe Biden is our nominee. He is not leaving this race. He is in this race and I support him,” she added.

Despite her defense, the pressure against Biden had only increased after former President Donald Trump narrowly survived an assassination attempt at a Pennsylvania rally.

The complete video was posted to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

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‘Better than half these dudes in the league’: Raiders star Davante Adams would love for Tom Brady to come out of retirement

Las Vegas Raiders star wide receiver Davante Adams said he’d happily play with Tom Brady even if he were 58 years old.

It was widely speculated that NFL legend Tom Brady would play his last season with the Raiders to coincide with their move from Oakland to Las Vegas, which included a brand-new mega stadium. However, Brady retired as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Although, much of the rumors seemed to culminate in Brady becoming a minority owner of the Raiders instead.

The team is currently struggling to find a solid quarterback, prompting podcast host and former NFL player Shannon Sharpe to ask Adams if he would play with Brady should he unretire.

‘I don’t know if they’re going to let me.’

In fact, Sharpe barely got the words out before Adams started to answer.

“Tom Brady … would you want — how old’s Brady?” Sharpe began.

“Hell, yes,” Adams interrupted.

“Damn, you didn’t even let me finish the question!” Sharpe came back.

“I know exactly [what you were going to say]. I knew when you said ‘Tom Brady’ I knew what you said,” Adams continued.

The 31-year-old wide receiver said he knew exactly what Sharpe was about to ask, adding that he has to “talk about how old [Brady] is.”

“I don’t care, I don’t care!” he said on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast.

“Would you take Tom at 47 or 48?” Sharpe continued.

Adams clarified that even a 58-year-old Brady would still be one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL.

“He’s getting older, but I mean he’s still got to be able to throw it better than half these dudes in the league.”

The last time Brady seriously talked about a possible return to the NFL was in April 2024, when he said on the “DeepCut with VicBlends” podcast that he “wasn’t opposed” to a Michael Jordan-style comeback.

“Let’s say one day there’s a situation, right? Maybe it’s a [San Francisco] 49ers, maybe, you know, heading to the playoffs. Offense is great …” the host described.

“Patriots, could be Raiders, could be … never know,” Brady interrupted.

“God forbid somebody goes down,” the host continued. “Would you pick up that phone?”

“I’m not opposed to it,” Brady said at the time. “I don’t know if they’re going to let me if I become an owner of an NFL team. I don’t know, I’m always going to be in good shape, always be able to throw the ball, so to come in for a little bit like MJ coming back? I don’t know if they’d let me, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it,” Brady concluded.

Adams went on to tell Sharpe that his team’s offense was one that was “fit for a Tom Brady” due to it being an “offense that you have to have extremely high-level execution to be able to make it work.”

Adams was also asked if he felt pressure to live up to the idea that Raiders players are troublemakers on and off the field.

In a hilarious response, Adams said that while he wants to people to “fear” him when they’re playing against him, “You don’t want them to fear that you’re about to shoot them or rob them!”

“Nothing like that! We can’t be getting too out of control with it,” he laughed.

Brady has consistently stayed in headlines since his retirement, particularly with his massively successful Netflix roast. However, after garnering over 14 million views in the first week of airing, Brady later revealed that the impact the roast jokes had on his children was too much for him to consider participating in such an event ever again.

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Leaks confirm Biden is about to drop out, but what happens next?

Various sources have reported that Joe Biden has agreed to drop out of the race but will not resign before his term is up.

Dave Rubin plays a clip from Newsweek of Mark Halperin discussing the leaked information.

Leaks Confirm Biden About to Drop Out & What Happens Next

“According to my sources, President Biden has agreed to step down as a Democratic nominee; it will happen as early as this weekend; a speech has been drafted for him; he will continue on as president is his intention,” said Halperin, adding that Biden allegedly “will not endorse Vice President Harris as his successor.”

“They’re hoping that he will endorse an open process, in which the convention will be open to Vice President Harris and a few other candidates in Chicago to pick the Democrat nominee for president,” he continued, noting that Harris “is already looking at potential running mates,” including Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Halperin then explained how this voting process would go:

“On the first ballot, the regular delegates would be allowed to vote under this agreement that’s being talked about amongst the president and high level Democrat officials. The regular delegates would vote on the first ballot. If there is no winner in the first ballot, the so-called superdelegates would be allowed to vote on the subsequent ballot.”

Halperin explained that the decision was made in haste “because of the high level pressure from Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama … and many of President Biden’s top aides.”

“This is basically a coup within their own party,” says Dave.

To hear more about the selection process of Biden’s replacement, watch the clip above.

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Mark Zuckerberg says Trump with fist in air after getting shot is ‘one of the most bada** things I’ve ever seen in my life’

Mark Zuckerberg said seeing former President Donald Trump with his fist in the air after getting shot during last weekend’s assassination attempt was “one of the most bada** things I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Zuckerberg — CEO of Meta, the parent company of Facebook — revealed his reaction during an interview Thursday at his company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, Bloomberg reported.

‘I think that that’s why a lot of people like the guy.’

“Now look, I mean there’s obviously a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world,” Zuckerberg told Emily Chang of “The Circuit,” which is part of Bloomberg Originals, before shifting to the attempt on Trump’s life in Butler, Pennsylvania, last Saturday.

“And I mean, on a personal note … seeing Donald Trump get up after getting shot in the face and pump his fist in the air with the American flag [in the background] is one of the most bada** things I’ve ever seen in my life,” Zuckerberg said with an incredulous laugh.

Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Zuckerberg added that “on some level, as an American, it’s … hard to not get kind of emotional about that spirit and that fight, and I think that that’s why a lot of people like the guy.”

The social media mogul also said in the interview that he’s not going to endorse Trump or Democrat President Joe Biden.

Check out a clip of the interview below:

— (@)

It would be a stretch to call Zuckerberg a Trump fan.

The day after the Jan. 6, 2021, rioting at the U.S. Capitol, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram “indefinitely” banned Trump from using their social media platforms.

Zuckerberg wrote in part on Jan. 7, “The shocking events of the last 24 hours clearly demonstrate that President Donald Trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power to his elected successor, Joe Biden.”

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, lifted that ban against Trump last year, the Associated Press reported — but with “guardrails” such as “heightened suspension penalties” if Trump posts violate standards. The social media giant then did away with all social media restrictions against Trump a week ago, the AP reported. The announcement came the day before the assassination attempt against Trump.

Zuckerberg in 2022 said Facebook restricted the spread of the Hunter Biden laptop story in the run-up to the 2020 election over an FBI warning against the spread of election disinformation. Earlier in 2022, former Attorney General Bill Barr said suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story by legacy media and Big Tech “definitely” had an effect on the 2020 presidential election.

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Blaze News original: Go ahead and giggle at hapless carjackers and other thugs who take the L because they can’t drive stick

The crimes of attempted carjacking and attempted vehicle theft are far from humorous.

However, when those offenses are derailed because those trying to carry them out can’t operate manual transmissions, one likely can’t help but giggle at least a little bit.

But there was one major problem for the suspect: KENS-TV reported that he was ‘struggling to operate the manual transmission vehicle.’ Tsk tsk tsk. Kids these days.

The lack of that particular skill, as you’ll soon read, has shown up at crime scenes from the sunny shores of southern California, up to Colorado and into Chicago — and even in Detroit, a.k.a. the Motor City. The stick-shift challenged among the criminally inclined can be found among our neighbors in the Great White North, too.

So feel free to let loose with a little laughter as you read the following 10 tales about crooks whose capers hit the skids — all because they couldn’t drive stick.

Wet-behind-the-ears carjackers pistol-whip victim, take his keys — then run into a little problem when they try to drive away

A crew of would-be carjackers in Bethesda, Maryland, managed to pistol-whip their victim and take his keys on the night of Nov. 26, 2023, WTTG-TV reported — but ran into a little problem when they tried to drive off in the vehicle.

Officers were called to the 7200 block of Wisconsin Avenue around 11:55 p.m. after a report of an attempted carjacking, the station said. Authorities said the victim was in front of a business when three or four individuals approached him and demanded the keys to his vehicle at gunpoint, WTTG said.

Investigators said the suspects pistol-whipped the man, who ran back into the business, the station said, adding that the victim told police shots were fired, but investigators said no shell casings were found.

However, WTTG said the would-be carjackers encountered a major roadblock when they tried to drive away: They couldn’t operate the SUV because it came equipped with a manual transmission. With that, the suspects fled the scene in a different vehicle, the station said, adding that the victim is recovering from his injuries.

Two teen thugs drag driver out of his car at gas station, demand his keys, and victim complies. Seconds later the pair high-tail it on foot because they can’t operate a manual transmission.

A man had just finished pumping gas at a Sunoco station in the 19200 block of Frederick Road in Germantown, Maryland, just after 4:30 p.m. March 25, 2023, and was attempting to re-enter his car when police said he noticed a pair of individuals running toward him.

The duo forced the door open, grabbed the victim, and demanded his keys. The victim complied with their demands, and the pair entered the victim’s car and tried to drive away.

Unable to drive a manual transmission, however, they exited the vehicle and left the scene on foot. Officers observed the suspects about a half hour later in the 19000 block of Frederick Road and took them into custody after a brief foot chase. The suspects — a 16-year-old from Rockville and a 17-year-old from Washington, D.C. — were charged as adults on charges of carjacking and conspiracy carjacking and were being held without bond.

You can view surveillance video of the failed carjacking here.

MMA-trained motorist fights back against hapless carjackers who manage to enter vehicle but can’t drive off — because crook behind the wheel can’t drive stick

Stafford County (Virginia) Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to Anytime Fitness in Stafford over a disturbance just before 5 p.m. Oct. 12, 2021, WUSA-TV reported, adding that multiple callers reported that three males had attacked a man and tried to steal his car.

The three males hit their victim several times with a wooden stick, the station reported, but the victim — trained in mixed martial arts — fought back. Amid the three-against-one fight, an attacker still managed to get hold of the victim’s car keys, and he jumped in the vehicle, WUSA said.

But the attacker behind the wheel wasn’t going anywhere. The station, citing deputies, said he had no idea how to operate a manual transmission.

What’s more, a number of gym members saw what was happening and rushed outside to help, WUSA said, and so the trio got back into the vehicle that they had driven to the scene and took off.

They didn’t get too far, though, as deputies learned the suspects were driving a white Acura sedan with Mississippi plates, the station said — and soon a deputy spotted them and tried to pull them over on Garrisonville Road near Interstate 95.

But rather than cutting their already embarrassing losses, the trio opted to hightail it north on I-95, according to WUSA. Deputies told the station the chase reached speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour — and soon the suspects crashed through a barrier arm and veered into the high-occupancy vehicle lanes. What’s more, they continued north for about two miles in the wrong direction, the Free Lance-Star reported. Stafford Sheriff’s Maj. Shawn Kimmitz on Oct. 13 clarified to Blaze News that the HOV lanes in the area are in the middle of the freeway and switch one-way directions in the morning and evening rushes, meaning that the suspects were driving north into southbound traffic at the time. Kimmitz told the Free Lance-Star it was “miraculous” they didn’t cause an accident

While the suspects finally stopped on their own, they all took off on foot into a wooded median between the HOV lanes and the southbound lanes, WUSA said. Authorities set a perimeter, and a K-9 and his handler tracked down the suspects through the heavy brush, the station said. They were ordered to give up, or the K-9 would be deployed, WUSA said, adding that only two of the suspects complied.

“The third suspect incorrectly judged his own speed or K-9 Titan’s speed and attempted to run away,” Stafford County deputies said, according to the station. “This attempt was futile as K-9 Titan was released and apprehended the suspect within 50 yards.”

WUSA said the suspects were identified as 19-year-old Jabez Clark, 18-year-old Korey Richardson, and 20-year-old Jacob Land. The station added that Clark is charged with carjacking, robbery, conspiracy, malicious wounding, assault, vandalism, and possession of burglary tools; Richardson is charged with carjacking, robbery, conspiracy, eluding, reckless driving, and hit and run; Land is charged with carjacking robbery, conspiracy, and vandalism. All three still were being held without bond at the Rappahannock Regional Jail in Stafford. Land briefly was hospitalized for treatment of a dog bite, WUSA said.

Armed carjacker, 23, ditches just-heisted vehicle because he can’t drive stick, hops in getaway car — then actually pulls off even more pathetic move

An armed carjacker in San Antonio, Texas, most definitely was not up to the task last fall, managing not one but two pathetic mishaps in a row.

Police told KENS-TV two people left a bar on the St. Mary’s Strip around 2 a.m. Oct. 5 and got into their vehicle when a 23-year-old male came up and demanded their car keys. Police told the station the victims complied and got out of the car.

But there was one major problem for the suspect: KENS-TV reported that he was “struggling to operate the manual transmission vehicle.” Tsk tsk tsk. Kids these days.

Apparently lacking stick-shift skills, the suspect ditched the vehicle, MySanAntonio reported. Officials told KENS the suspect then re-entered a getaway car where a second suspect was waiting — which brings us to the even-more pathetic moment.

KENS said the initial suspect began to shoot at the owner of the stick-shift vehicle. But the hapless suspect definitely picked the wrong victim to fire upon, as police told the station the victim returned fire and hit the alleged thief in the head. MySanAntonio, citing police, said the victim fired rounds into the getaway car, piercing the back of a headrest and grazing the head of one of the suspects.

KENS said the two suspects fled the scene and called 911 from a home in the 2300 bock of Observation Drive. Police added to the station that the wounded suspect indicated he was involved in an accident downtown.

According to MySanAntonio, the mother of the wounded man called for emergency services, after which he was taken to University Hospital in stable condition. As you might guess, investigators put two and two together, and the wounded man was booked by proxy for aggravated robbery, KENS said. The station added that the other suspect was at that time unknown but that the investigation is ongoing.

Pair of armed males enter Audi sedan in Chicago, order driver to hand over his wallet. Driver complies, exits car — but dynamic duo can’t drive stick and are soon collared.

Chicago Police told WMAQ-TV a 41-year-old man was sitting in his 2008 Audi sedan in the 1400 block of North Astor Street in the city’s Gold Coast neighborhood just after 7:30 p.m. Jan. 16 when two armed males entered the car and demanded the man’s wallet. Police told the station the victim complied and exited the vehicle as the suspects tried to drive off — but their getaway was foiled because they couldn’t operate the Audi’s manual transmission. Both suspects were taken into custody in the 7000 block of South Wood Street after they were identified as being involved in the robbery, police added to WMAQ. No injuries were reported, and an investigation was underway, authorities noted to the station.

Police declare ‘Stick Shift FTW’ after woman tries to steal truck, can’t work its manual transmission, then exits vehicle — which crashes into fire hydrant. Cops quickly cuff her.

Police in Boulder, Colorado, declared “Stick Shift FTW” before describing a strange tale about a “thief” who wasn’t “getting far in a stolen car.” Officers just after 4:30 p.m. May 3 were called to Airport Boulevard for a report of a truck that had crashed into a fire hydrant. Police said they spoke to witnesses and quickly took a female suspect into custody. Turns out the woman had been released from jail after stealing a car the previous day, and as she was walking, she looked inside the truck, saw the keys, got inside, and drove off — “sort of,” police added. Thing is, cops noted, she couldn’t figure out how to drive the truck’s manual transmission, after which she jumped out and tried to leave the area on foot while the driverless truck crashed into the hydrant. No one was injured, and the truck was returned to its owner. The woman was scheduled for a May 30 court date on new charges of motor vehicle theft, careless driving, driving without a license, and failing to report the crash, the Associated Press reported.

It seems like easy pickings for trio of carjackers when victim obeys commands, puts keys on hood, and walks off. But the bad guys soon are hoofing it, too, when stick shift stands in their way.

Police in Arlington, Virginia — which borders Washington, D.C., to the west — were dispatched to the 600 block of North Glebe Road around 5:44 a.m. Sept. 4, 2023. Police determined a male victim was exiting his parked vehicle when three males approached him and ordered him to put his car keys on the vehicle’s hood. The victim complied and walked away from the vehicle. The problem for the suspects, however, was that none of them apparently could drive stick. Police said the suspects fled the scene on foot after they made their frustrating discovery. Officers searched the area for the suspects with no success, noting that they were described as white or Hispanic males between 18 and 26 years old and wearing all black clothing.

Cop gets suspicious after driver of Jeep fails to obey stop sign, and vehicle repeatedly stalls, indicating that motorist ‘was not familiar with driving a manual transmission.’ Sure enough…

Police in Coronado — an island in the San Diego Bay — said one of its officers in early March 2023 pulled over a Jeep for failing to stop at a stop sign. The Jeep also was repeatedly stalling, appearing as if the driver was not familiar with driving a manual transmission. The driver provided the officer a name of an alleged owner, which didn’t match the registered owner’s name. Turns out the Jeep was just stolen from 10th Street and A Avenue, and the officer found burglary tools inside the Jeep along with a parking receipt for another Jeep that was just recently parked in a parking garage near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry. Police said the officer believed that second Jeep also could have been stolen, he contacted San Diego Police, and their officers found the second Jeep with a broken window in the parking garage. San Diego Police confirmed that the second Jeep was stolen earlier that same day. The driver who was pulled over in Coronado was arrested and booked into San Diego County Jail for vehicle theft and possession of burglary tools. Both vehicles were recovered and returned to their owners.

Motor City mishap: Trio of crooks have themselves a freshly carjacked vehicle — but are forced to run away because none of them could operate its stick shift

Detroit Police said two male victims were sitting in a blue 2006 Acura TSX in the 11900 block of Radom Street on June 28, 2021, when three armed males who demanded their vehicle just after 8:30 p.m. Police said the suspects tried to flee the scene with the vehicle but “were unsuccessful due to the vehicle having a manual transmission.” Surveillance video of the incident shows the suspects running away after their plan went to pieces. Police added that the suspects were wanted in connection with the attempted carjacking and that anyone with information about the crime can call police at 313-596-2555.

Seems crooks can’t drive stick in the Great White North, either: Winnipeg male tries carjacking an off-duty cop — but can’t take off due to ye olde manual transmission

The off-duty officer was driving near downtown Winnipeg police headquarters around 4:15 p.m. June 11 when a 27-year-old male flagged him down as a “person in distress,” CBC News reported. Police said the male opened the driver’s-side door, began physically assaulting the officer, and tried to pull the cop from the vehicle — despite the off-duty cop identifying himself, the news network said.

Soon the officer exited his vehicle, and the male got behind the wheel — but couldn’t operate the manual transmission, CBC News said. With that option blocked, the male tried to run, but other off-duty cops in the area stopped and handcuffed him, the news network said. The physically attacked officer suffered minor upper-body injuries, CBC News said.

Authorities learned the male had been released from custody about 20 minutes before the attempted carjacking on “probation-related warrants” — but police said they believe the attack was random and unrelated to his previous time in custody, CBC News added. The suspect was charged with robbery, assaulting a peace officer, uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm, and failing to comply with a probation order.

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Is the moon landing FAKE?! Alex Stein CONFRONTS NASA engineer

On July 20, 1969, Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the moon.

Armstrong’s step out of the spaceship and onto the foreign terrain of the moon has gone down in the history books as one of the most important steps mankind has ever taken — but some are skeptical of its validity.

Alex Stein is one of them, so he’s sitting down with a former NASA engineer, Charles Buhler, to get some answers.

“How were we able to go to the moon on these Apollo rockets in the 60s, but now today, we don’t have a rocket that can get there or at least send a man there? What’s that all about? Why is our space technology going backwards?” Stein asks Buhler.

“I think the biggest thing is there’s a couple of reasons for it. You know, 50 years ago, NASA had 10% of the federal budget. Now, we have less than 1% of the federal budget,” Buhler explains.

He also blames the lack of serious competition.

“We don’t have a conventional space race like we did against the Russians in the 1960s,” he says. “Now, we’re relying on companies to do it. NASA is funding a lot of companies to do the space race now, so that’s pretty exciting, if you’re a space enthusiast.”

According to Buhler, Artemis II is a spacecraft that will be sent to orbit the moon with astronauts as early as next year.

“Charles, they always say next year we’re going to send a man to the moon, next year, man on the moon — they’ve been saying that for 50 years,” Stein counters.

When Stein presses Buhler on whether or not the moon landing was faked and if so, why, Charles answers that “obviously” it wasn’t faked.

He cites moon rocks that he has in his lab at NASA as proof of the moon landing being real — but Stein was ready for that one, referencing the moon rock given to a Dutch museum by Neil Armstrong.

The rock was later found to be fake and made of petrified wood.

“And isn’t there moon rocks in Antarctica supposedly?” Stein asks, adding, “So isn’t it possible to get moon rocks on Earth?”

“It is, it truly is,” Buhler says. “We get Mars rocks too on Earth, whenever there’s a meteor collision. That’s possible.”

Want more from Alex Stein?

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CrowdStrike, the firm causing a global computer crash, is a WEF partner, largest shareholder is Vanguard

CrowdStrike’s massive blunder, which resulted in worldwide outages, has brought the company back on the radar of the American citizenry, who now remembers its work with the World Economic Forum, Vanguard, and the Democratic Party.

On July 19, 2024, CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz said that a “defect found in a single content update for Windows hosts” had led to a major breakdown in Microsoft operations.

This resulted in more than 18,000 flights being grounded across the globe, including 1,200 in the United States.

What’s more, the crash brings the company back into the spotlight for yet another negative reason: The company has been synonymous with the political sphere for the better part of the last decade.

‘Why didn’t they allow the FBI in to investigate the server? I mean, there is so many things that nobody writes about.’

Many will remember CrowdStrike’s appearance in headlines during the 2016 electoral campaign when the cyber-security company was called upon to investigate the alleged hacks of the DNC servers. The timeline of its collaboration with government entities is just as troubling today as it was then.

According to CrowdStrike’s own timeline, “Russian intelligence gained access” to DNC networks at the “beginning of July 2015.”

On July 13, 2015, CrowdStrike announced a $100 million investment led by firm Google Capital.

In September 2015, the FBI allegedly contacted the DNC to inform Democrats of a hack.

Months later, in 2016, CrowdStrike said it was hired by the Democratic Party to investigate an alleged hack that resulted in the release of the John Podesta emails, revealing Hillary Clinton’s email server. By this point, the company already had former FBI employees on its payroll for some time.

This included Shawn Henry, executive assistant director of the Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch, who joined CrowdStrike in 2012.

CrowdStrike also announced on April 18, 2024, that it had hired Steven Chabinsky, a former deputy assistant director of the FBI Cyber Division, as its general counsel and chief risk officer.

CrowdStrike said it was contacted by the DNC on April 30, 2016, to collect intelligence and analyze the breach. The company added that the DNC was alerted about the hack by the FBI, but CrowdStrike was hired because the FBI doesn’t “perform incident response or network remediation services when organizations need to get back to business.”

CrowdStrike concluded on June 14, 2016, that Russia was “behind the DNC hack” and that its claim was “supported by the U.S. Intelligence community and also by independent Congressional reports.”

This, of course, led to the “Russia, Russia, Russia” investigation into Donald Trump by a special counsel headed by Robert Mueller.

Trump was asked about CrowdStrike in April 2017 surrounding the leak of the Podesta emails. The implication was that Ukraine possibly possessed information that would clear Russia of any wrongdoing in relation to the hacks.

“They shouldn’t have allowed it to get out. If they had the proper defensive devices on their internet, you know, equipment, they wouldn’t even allow the FBI,” Trump said. He then questioned why the FBI didn’t investigate the hacks themselves.

“How about this — they get hacked, and the FBI goes to see them, and they won’t let the FBI see their server. But do you understand, nobody ever writes it. Why wouldn’t (former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John) Podesta and Hillary Clinton allow the FBI to see the server? They brought in another company that I hear is Ukrainian-based.”

“CrowdStrike?” an Associated Press reporter asked.

“That’s what I heard. I heard it’s owned by a very rich Ukrainian, that’s what I heard. But they brought in another company to investigate the server. Why didn’t they allow the FBI in to investigate the server? I mean, there is so many things that nobody writes about. It’s incredible.”

Then-President Trump mentioned the company by name in his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the same phone call that led to his impeachment.

“I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine; they say CrowdStrike … I guess you have one of your wealthy people. … The server, they say Ukraine has it,” Trump said according to CNN. “[William Barr will call] you or your people and I would like you to get to the bottom of it,” Trump added.

— (@)

‘I wish I could say I was surprised, but I’m not.’

Not to be forgotten, CrowdStrike has been involved with the World Economic Forum for some time.

In August 2015, the WEF named it a “Technology Pioneer” for “driving visionary leadership and long-standing market value.”

In 2020, the WEF started its partnership against cybercrime with a stated goal of “harness[ing] AI to Combat Cybercrime.”

CrowdStrike is one of the companies involved in the partnership.

— (@)

Also, Americans may be interested in learning that investment giant Vanguard is the largest shareholder of CrowdStrike shares, with a combined 12.41% ownership between Vanguard and Vanguard Index Funds. BlackRock also has ownership but at less than 1%.

“I wish I could say I was surprised, but I’m not,” Return’s Peter Gietl said of Vanguard’s ownership. “Unfortunately BlackRock and Vanguard have bought up large stakes in many of the most important companies around the world. It becomes more and more clear that the ‘free market’ is a mirage on the macro level, and a few select, deep state approved companies have captured control of most industries,” Gietl continued.

“What’s particularly concerning about this outage is that CrowdStrike had kernel access to most of the systems around the world. This seems very dangerous, allowing a hacker or an accident to crash systems around the world. Never mind that a WEF partner has that level of system access,” he added.

It should also be noted that Nancy Pelosi owns significant shares in CrowdStrike, having purchased between $500,000 and $1,000,000 worth of shares in 2020.

A page called Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker, which monitors the politician’s extremely profitable trading, claimed that she owns “millions in Crowdstrike.”

Friendly reminder, Pelosi owns millions in Crowdstrike 💅
— Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker ♟ (@PelosiTracker_) July 19, 2024

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Pastor visits jailed teen accused of torching church vans — then helps change his life forever: ‘He gave his life to Christ’

A South Carolina pastor emulated a core teaching of Christianity when he forgave a teenager accused of setting fire to his church’s vans.

Earlier this month, South Carolina police arrested 18-year-old Brandon Thomas Greene for allegedly torching two Ford Transit church vans in the parking lot at Philadelphia Baptist Church in Pauline, South Carolina.

‘I told him that the church loved him because Christ loved us, and then, long story short, I got to share the gospel with him.’

He was taken into custody on July 5 and charged with two counts of arson.

To be sure, losing the church vans was an inconvenience for Philadelphia Baptist Church. Congregants were planning to use the vans to transport a youth team to a missions event in Kentucky. The departure date was the day after the vans were torched.

However, instead of responding with anger, Philadelphia Baptist Church pastor Kiah Graves visited Greene in jail and extended him forgiveness.

“‘Brandon, we forgive you because we’ve been forgiven of our sins, but we want to know if you understand that,'” Graves recounted to WYFF-TV of the message he delivered to Greene in jail.

But that’s not all.

Not only did Graves extend forgiveness, but he also shared the gospel with Greene.

“It was an amazing moment. We hugged each other. I told him that the church loved him because Christ loved us, and then, long story short, I got to share the gospel with him,” Graves told WYFF.

“He gave his life to Christ in there, repented of his sins, and wants to be baptized,” he explained. “But none of that would have happened, I don’t think, if everybody wasn’t on the same page of, ‘Yes, let’s catch him, let’s make sure we get that squared away, but also don’t leave him by himself.'”

Forgiveness is core to Jesus’ teachings. Not only did Jesus emphasize the importance of forgiveness in his Sermon on the Mount, but he repeatedly told parables about the requirement of forgiveness.

Famously, Jesus even told his disciple Peter that forgiveness should be never-ending.

As this situation demonstrates, forgiven people forgive — and receiving the grace of forgiveness contains a transforming power.

“Forgiveness and a hope of redemption for other people, offering second chances, is a way that Spartanburg could be known as one of the best places on Earth to live,” Graves told WYFF.

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Lana Del Rey’s easygoing Americana is what we need

Lana Del Rey is going country. September will bring her new album, titled “Lasso”; in the meantime, her new “country-trap” ballad with Atlanta rapper Quavo is steadily climbing the charts.

“Tough” pairs acoustic guitar and Del Rey’s breathy crooning with Quavo’s tight verses and thick trap beats. The lyrics are also a mash-up, expressing a resilience in the midst of everyday adversity through imagery from both the rural and urban underclass: “The blue-collar, red-dirt attitude” meets “808s beating in the trunk in Atlanta.”

Above all, Del Rey exhibits the playful humor and patriotic attitude at the core of conservatism’s resurgence. If this kind of thing has ‘crossover appeal,’ then all the better.

It’s no surprise that fans have responded to the tune. The boundaries between country, pop, and hip-hop are more permeable than ever; Del Rey has played with elements of all three ever since her 2012 major-label debut, “Born to Die.”

The fact that that album – released midway through the Obama era – is currently surging in the charts is a testament to Del Rey’s staying power, her ability to hold onto pop stardom during a particularly volatile time for the music business. Unlike her fellow survivors, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, Del Rey has always remained aloof from the liberal cause du jour. Which, along with her throwback femininity, is enough to make her seem vaguely conservative. Contrast her with Swift, who alienated her early fans by trading her everywoman appeal for celebrity activism.

And yet musically, it is Swift who is more palatable to many conservatives, for whom hip-hop culture evokes DEI entitlement, sexual licentiousness, urban lawlessness, and probably twerking. For every fan on the right who applauds Del Rey’s self-consciously all-American aesthetic, there’s another who regards her penchant for genre-mixing as suspicious. Right-wing infighting? There’s nothing new under the sun.

Even the rural America Del Rey embraces — typically the last bastion of conservative identity in our pop culture — can’t escape scolding from the right. Witness the controversy surrounding 23-year-old Tennessean Hailey Welch, whose crude but innocuous comment made her a viral sensation.

Why? It’s not as if there’s a shortage of pretty young woman making vulgar jokes about sex online. Welch struck a chord because she (and her delightful twang) are recognizably from a real place.

At the time she was “discovered,” Welch was living — happily — in a place with a population about the size of Oberlin’s 2024 graduating class. With her grandmother. She worked in a bedspring factory and had never driven on the interstate or been in an airplane.

Conservatives would normally applaud these markers of wholesome, small-town life — if they weren’t too busy clutching their pearls at the temerity Welch had to monetize her fame and further degrade the culture.

Unlike the pundits, the people who made Welch go viral understand that it’s all in good fun. It’s doubtful that any of the passersby in the original video would’ve been scandalized by Welch’s off-color talk, either.

“Rich Men North of Richmond” singer-songwriter Oliver Anthony’s viral fame followed a similar trajectory. At first, conservatives loved his accent and the “Hillbilly Elegy” populism of his lyrics. Before long, however, he began failing the usual right-wing purity tests, mentioning “diversity” without a sneer and lamenting that his song was being “weaponized” by conservative-activist types.

Anthony may no longer be the partisan sensation he was last summer, but people still seem to enjoy his music, if the robust ticket sales for his current tour are any indication.

What the right might ponder is how to reach the kind of “barstool conservatives” who naturally identify with the likes of Welch and Anthony. These are people who are instinctively drawn to anti-wokeness without necessarily caring to engage in culture-war debates about “traditional values.”

“Tough” may be something of a departure for Del Rey, but it conveys a theme that runs through all of her work: the freedom of embracing regional roots. Del Rey herself was born in Manhattan. And it is there she returned — after a childhood in upstate New York and a stint at boarding school in Connecticut — to launch her career. And yet in her music, she’s always gravitated to more remote American eras and locales.

Above all, Del Rey exhibits the playful humor and patriotic attitude at the core of conservatism’s resurgence. If this kind of thing has “crossover appeal,” then all the better. Worrying about whether any newcomers are “our people” betrays deep insecurity.

To search for signs of liberal creep in “Yellowstone” or Zach Bryan is to forget that their very prominence is a victory in itself. That alone should embolden conservatives. If the right really wants to claim a central place in the culture, it could start by emulating the graceful, confident cool of Ms. Del Rey and having a little fun.

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Biden’s student loan repayment plan dealt another blow by federal court

Joe Biden’s attempts to fulfill a major campaign promise to relieve student loan debt took another hit this week when a federal appeals court blocked the Saving on a Valuable Education program, better known as SAVE.

On a one-page, unsigned order issued on Thursday, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals granted the request of six Republican-led states, including Missouri, to suspend implementation of aspects of the SAVE program while the court considers a more permanent block favored by Republicans. A district judge had already blocked implementation of the other parts of the SAVE program in a ruling last month.

Supporters of SAVE, on the other hand, waxed histrionic that the order blocking the implementation of SAVE would upend people’s lives, even though the program began offering debt relief only a few months ago.

Andrew Bailey, the Republican attorney general of Missouri who filed the emergency motion on behalf of the plaintiffs, celebrated the order as a “HUGE win” for everyday Americans. Bailey called SAVE “illegal” and claimed it was a backdoor means of saddling taxpayers — many of whom never went to college — “with half-a-trillion dollars in Ivy League debt.”

— (@)

“I’m proud to lead from the frontlines on this. In Missouri, we believe in paying our debts and not burdening hardworking taxpayers. Today’s victory is a win for every hardworking American who pays their bills without leaning on their neighbors,” Bailey added in a separate statement.

Supporters of SAVE, on the other hand, waxed histrionic that the order blocking the implementation of SAVE would upend people’s lives, even though the program began offering debt relief only a few months ago.

“Today’s ruling from the 8th Circuit blocking President Biden’s SAVE plan could have devastating consequences for millions of student loan borrowers crushed by unaffordable monthly payments if it remains in effect,” said a statement from Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona.

“This decision threatens the entire federal student loan system and will cause complete chaos and confusion,” added a statement from Eileen Connor, president and executive director of the Project on Predatory Student Lending.

The Biden administration has tried to ease or outright cancel student loan debt for years after campaigning heavily on the issue in 2020. However, time after time, the courts have overruled many of those efforts. In June 2023, the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s attempts to cancel up to $20,000 in loans for qualified borrowers.

SAVE was yet another means of trying to achieve a similar end. To date, more than 8 million people have enrolled in SAVE, and over 400,000 of them who had taken out no more than $12,000 originally had their entire debt eliminated. The appellate court order will not affect any debt cancellation that has already been given through the SAVE program.

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Street preacher says Subway worker refused to serve him over his T-shirt condemning homosexuality with biblical reference

A street preacher said a Subway worker in Wisconsin recently refused to serve him over his T-shirt displaying a phrase condemning homosexuality as a sin.

Rich Penkoski told the Christian Post he was wearing a T-shirt displaying the phrase “Homo sex is sin: Romans 1” when an interaction took place — which was recorded on video — in the Waunakee restaurant. Penkoski was traveling with other pastors after preaching outside the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, the Post added. Waunakee is about an hour and 20 minutes west of Milwaukee.

‘If the shoe were on the other foot, if somebody walked in and said, ‘Oh, I’m gay’ or whatever, and I said, ‘Nope, I’m not serving you,’ this would be all over the place, and I’d be fired, or I’d be getting sued.’

David Grisham, apparently also one of the street preachers, posted a Facebook message Tuesday with multiple photos saying, “This person working at Subway in Waunakee Village Mall refused to serve us because of our Christian T-shirts. Christophobic bigotry should not be tolerated. Please give Subway corporate a call.” It isn’t clear on what date the interaction occurred.

One of the photos Grisham posted shows four men outside a Subway wearing T-shirts displaying phrases such as, “Abortion is murder,” “Homo sex is sin: Romans 1,” and “Planned Parenthood murders children and rapes their mothers.”

Grisham posted video of the interaction in the Subway, writing in the caption, “Subway Karen refuses to serve street preachers because of Christian T-shirts in Waukanee [sic] Wisconsin.” The following is how the exchange went down:

“Are you refusing to service customers? She’s refusing to serve us,” one man says in the clip. “She just said she’s refusing to serve us.”

“What are you talking about?” another man asks.

“This girl right here said she’s refusing to serve us,” the first man replies.

“So we have to go somewhere else?” a third man wonders.

“I want her to say it again,” the first man says.

“I am refusing you service,” the Subway worker behind the counter replies.

As for her reasons for the refusal, she soon says it’s a “personal matter.”

The first man asks if it’s “because of my T-shirt?”

She replies, “Yes.”

“OK, [I’m] sure Subway Corporate will love to hear that,” the first man replies.

The Christian Post reported that the Subway employee speaking in the video was referring to Penkoski’s “Homo sex is sin: Romans 1” T-shirt.

“If the shoe were on the other foot, if somebody walked in and said, ‘Oh, I’m gay’ or whatever, and I said, ‘Nope, I’m not serving you,’ this would be all over the place, and I’d be fired, or I’d be getting sued,” Penkoski told the Post.

Penkoski added to the Post, “But these LGBT people are so emboldened that they think just because they’re either gay or gay allies, they can say and do whatever they want. So if they really want equality, then they should be OK with me suing them the same way they sue us.”

Penkoski said he has spoken with his attorney about possible legal action against Subway for a civil rights violation, the Post added.

Grisham noted in a Facebook comment that his group “did NOT purposely try to antagonize anyone. We just went in for a sandwich. A local pastor was buying us dinner, and we had only been inside for less than a minute and hadn’t said a word to anyone. She just saw our shirts and blurted out profanity and said she wouldn’t serve us. REASONABLE people are reasonable when it comes to differences of opinion and are professional enough to just serve someone without letting their emotions go into elementary schoolyard mode and whine publicly.”

Grisham noted in another comment that “if we had been homosexuals with rainbow shirts, and they refused us service, there would be riots in the streets.”

But plenty of commenters on Grisham’s Facebook posts about the incident pushed back hard. To wit:

“Learn the difference between Christianity and Christian nationalism,” one commenter shot back. “[You] all are simply bigots, and that’s why she refused you service.””I wouldn’t serve you, either,” another commenter said. “You wear disgusting shirts like that to get a reaction out of people. Good job. You got your reaction.””Subway will not take your side, nor will any reasonably minded person,” another commenter declared before adding, “You are not a Christian in any way shape or form.””Having these kinds of shirts on and calling them ‘religious T-shirts’ is a CRAZZYYY reach,” another commenter wrote. “Speaks volumes to the values of your religious priorities, I guess. You’re always welcome to have freedom of speech, not freedom of consequence. To everyone saying you should sue based on ‘religious discrimination’ has (1) never seen the shirts you guys were actually wearing or (2) is grossly misinformed as to how the legal system actually works. The prosecutors would laugh it out the courthouse in an hour.”

The U.S. Supreme Court in 2018 sided with Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips after he refused to make a cake celebrating a same-sex wedding. But last October, the Colorado Supreme Court said it would take up a lawsuit from transgender plaintiff Autumn Scardina against Phillips after he refused to make a cake to celebrate Scardina’s gender transition.

The Christian Post said Subway’s corporate office did not respond to its request for comment by time of publication.

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Father SAVES son from ‘genderless’ mother FORCING him into ‘nonbinary’ future

When Harrison Tinsley first became a father, he had no idea he was about to be embroiled in a four-and-a-half-year legal battle with the child’s “genderless” mother — who was attempting to raise his son “nonbinary.”

Tinsley was forced to watch from afar as his ex-girlfriend used they/them pronouns for their son, Sawyer, and put him in dresses and makeup.

“Spending so much time and money in court isn’t fun, but he’s worth it,” Tinsley told Allie Beth Stuckey in an interview last year on “Relatable.” “I’m never going to give up, I’m going to fight for him until my last breath, forever. As hard as I can. It’s my duty as a dad.”

Now, he’s talking to Stuckey again, only this time — he’s much happier.

“The latest news is incredible. I finally have won full custody of Sawyer,” Tinsley says, smiling. “I’m just so thankful, it’s like an absolute miracle, a dream come true.”

“It’s been like four-and-a-half years now of me fighting for him,” Tinsley says. “There was essentially another incident with my son’s mom, and she was arrested again. And there was CPS involvement.”

That incident involved his ex-girlfriend getting into a physical altercation with her father, which Sawyer bore witness to.

“They were fighting, it was a very serious fight, like with blood, very serious stuff, very scary for a four-year-old to see,” Tinsley explains, adding that Sawyer claims that his mother instructed him to start hitting his grandfather in the face with a plastic bat.

“The mother claims that he did it just in her honor without her saying anything, I tend to believe Sawyer,” Tinsley says. “I’ve seen the photos of the bloody kids’ baseball bat or whatever it was, so it does seem that that happened and that there was a very serious altercation.”

As a mother herself, Stuckey is not only horrified by Sawyer’s mother’s actions — but thoroughly impressed with how hard Tinsley fought back.

“I’m just so thankful that you fought for him so relentlessly for so long,” Stuckey says. “It’s a big sacrifice. It took you a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of financial resources, and you did it because your son is worth it to you.”

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TikTok dancing our way to war with Russia

Remember when Dr. Fauci joined forces with TikTok influencers to push the COVID-19 vaccine and combat “vaccine misinformation” after closing schools and churches for months while lying about gain-of-function research during the pandemic?

The North American Treaty Organization is trying the same thing on foreign policy. As the latest PR stunt, NATO enlisted 16 content creators and paid for all transportation, meals, and accommodation for its annual summit to help improve the organization’s reputation and inform the youth about the importance of the alliance amid the endless Russia-Ukraine war. The U.S. State and Defense Departments also invited an additional ten influencers.

Posting little 30-second propaganda videos on TikTok probably isn’t going to restore Americans’ trust in the West’s foreign policy establishment. America’s conservative grassroots is fed up with globalist organizations like NATO and the World Trade Organization taking advantage of America’s military and industrial base.

TikTok influencers met with some of the world’s most powerful people and parroted NATO talking points to their online audiences.

General Philippe Lavigne, NATO supreme Allied commander transformation, posted a selfie with the influencers on X and wrote: “Great discussions with content creators at the #NATO Youth & Academia evening reception! Together, we’re fighting disinformation & fostering critical thinking. Their fresh perspectives & innovative storytelling, their commitment to promoting reliable info empowers young people to make informed decisions about their future security. #ProtectTheFuture.”

After listening to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speak on climate change, TikTok influencer Amanda Round said, “I believe that [NATO is] a necessary organization, obviously in our political climate right now in terms of defense, but also in terms of other looming threats such as climate change,” she said in an interview. “I would encourage young people to become more engaged with it.”

Similarly, local DC. influencer Anthony Polcari, also known as “Tony P,” agreed to attend the summit since he believes in NATO’s mission, claiming, “We need organizations like NATO not only to protect nations from war but to prevent war.”

A propaganda campaign

Believing NATO prevents war is a bit of a stretch in 2024. NATO, which once was a primarily defensive alliance, is now largely ideological, propagandizing Wilsonian liberal internationalism while promoting mass migration, “hate speech” restrictions, and socially liberal causes like transgenderism.

At the height of the war in Ukraine, when Ukraine was performing better than expected, NATO killed a peace and neutrality agreement between Russia and Ukraine, which the Russian delegation wanted, according to a top Zelenskyy official. “Boris Johnson came to Kiev and said, ‘We will not sign anything with them and let’s just make war!’” the official added.

Furthermore, this propaganda campaign aims to win back the American public, which has lost trust in the alliance and its missions. The U.S. has a ballooning national debt and crumbling infrastructure. Since its involvement with NATO, the U.S. has been exceedingly generous to NATO, while other countries were reluctant to spend, enabling and indirectly funding Europe’s lavish welfare states.

President Trump, with many Americans, shares the sentiment that globalist organizations like NATO have taken advantage of U.S. generosity. “I didn’t know what the hell NATO was too much before,” Trump said during his Florida campaign rally. “But it didn’t take me long to figure it out, like about two minutes. And the first thing I figured out was they were not paying. We were paying, we were paying almost fully for NATO. And I said that’s unfair.”

Despite NATO nations committing to spend at least 2% of their GDP on defense, only recently, when Europe came face to face with Putin’s antics, did the majority of NATO countries contribute the agreed minimum. According to a Cato Institute policy analysis, “the United States has averaged about 36 percent of allied GDP but more than 61 percent of allied defense spending” since roughly 1960. And even as the West faces threats from China, the U.S. and NATO weapons stockpiles remain “dangerously low” after arming Ukrainians.

Posting little 30-second propaganda videos on TikTok probably isn’t going to restore Americans’ trust in the West’s foreign policy establishment. America’s conservative grassroots is fed up with globalist organizations like NATO and the World Trade Organization taking advantage of America’s military and industrial base, and the left is furious at Western leaders for aiding and abetting a “genocide” in Gaza. Whether you like it or not, the liberal international order is approaching its final days, and 20-something TikTokers won’t save it.

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If Biden and the media really want to ‘lower the temperature,’ they would do ​THIS

In response to the near-assassination of Donald Trump, President Biden called for “unity” and requested that both sides “lower the temperature.”

The mainstream media has continued to circulate Biden’s language, which is frankly hypocritical, considering “the media … has participated in ratcheting the temperature up quite a bit over the past few years,” says Stu Burguiere.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), who joins the show, agrees: “Yeah, it’s really cute for the media and for people on the left to tell us to take the temperature down when they themselves do quite the opposite of that.”

According to Sen. Lee, if Biden and the media really wanted to take the temperature down, they would “end … the political lawfare.”

Biden’s Message of Unity is a LIE if He Doesn’t Do THIS For Trump

“[Biden] could call for the criminal charges against his political opponent to be dismissed,” Sen. Lee tells Stu and Glenn Beck. “He can do that directly for the federal charges, for the state charges” by “[calling] upon the governors of New York and Georgia.”

While such a drastic shift is highly unlikely for Biden, whose entire campaign hinges on the demonization of Donald Trump, the temperature at the RNC is higher than ever — but in a good way.

Glenn says the convention has “a sense of joy” that channels “Reagan 1984” and that even Donald Trump “[seems] different.”

Sen. Lee, who’s attending the convention, confirms Glenn’s speculation: “He seems much more somber; he seems shaken but reinvigorated by the support that he’s getting … I think it’s impossible for him to have gone through that experience — nearly getting killed — it’d almost be impossible to not feel that something had changed, and perhaps even on kind of a spiritual level … like he had a mission and a purpose for which he had been preserved.”

“Does it feel like to you that we’ve turned a page and we’re in a different chapter now of this American story?” asks Glenn.

To hear Sen. Lee’s answer, watch the clip above.

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