NBC News Admits Obama Secretly Advising Biden White House

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Mainstream media claims Obama-Biden partnership has only been happening for 5 months.

Former President Barack Obama has been secretly advising the Biden administration for several months, heightening concerns the ex-commander-in-chief is actually running a third-term shadow government with his former VP at the helm.

News of Obama’s work with the Biden White House was revealed Friday by NBC News:

WASHINGTON — Former President Barack Obama quietly advised the White House over the past five months on its strategy to address artificial intelligence, engaging behind the scenes with tech companies and holding Zoom meetings with top West Wing aides at President Joe Biden’s request, according to aides to both men.

The joint effort culminated Monday when Biden signed an executive order establishing some government oversight of AI development. It’s the first time Biden has tapped his former boss to help shape a key policy initiative, aides said, and he did it because Obama shares his views on the issue and brings a certain heft that could help move the process along quickly.

Social media swiftly criticized the news, with many asserting it proved what has long been claimed about Biden’s presidency – that it essentially serves as Obama’s third term, a cunning circumvention of the US Constitution.

This is Obama’s Third Term pic.twitter.com/YXaeMlvSlJ

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) November 3, 2023

AI poses a major threat to Obama’s fourth term. https://t.co/AtDwGlgUhU

— Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) November 3, 2023

This is Obama’s Third Term pic.twitter.com/jalwB5cxEO

— 🇺🇲Salty Texan (@texan_maga) November 3, 2023

So how’s Obama’s third term going for him? pic.twitter.com/9zYGVBqEkB

— I am @sheeplovelies (@Imsheeplovelies) November 3, 2023

Recall that in 2020, Obama admitted he’d “be fine” with feeding lines from his basement to a frontman or stand-in through an earpiece.

OBAMA THIRD TERM: NBC News reports today that Obama’s hand is guiding the Biden administration’s approach to AI.

What could go wrong?

Just a few days ago Biden signed an executive order requiring AI companies to “address algorithmic discrimination” and “ensure that AI advances… pic.twitter.com/92Vh9ifI1K

— Western Lensman (@WesternLensman) November 3, 2023

Barack Obama in 2020: “If I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in or front man or front woman [to be POTUS], and they had an earpiece in, and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the stuff, and I could sort of deliver the lines while someone was doing… pic.twitter.com/eMnoPBvlZx

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) November 3, 2023

Infowars radio host Alex Jones saw through the veneer of the Biden/Obama scam years ago, and has properly been characterizing Biden’s presidency as Obama’s “third term” for some time.

Will the big bank and Chicom-owned, Muslim nation-compromised Obama and his shadow government ever be fully revealed, and could it lead to charges of treason or other criminal liability?

The globalists are increasing their attacks on Infowars and the stakes have never been higher!

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