Texas A&M brazenly DEFIES Gov. Abbott’s ban on DEI initiatives

DEI initiatives have gone viral across the country, but Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has clearly had enough.

On June 6th of this year, Abbott signed a bill that forbade DEI offices at public universities and colleges across the state.

Despite the executive order, however, many colleges and universities have decided to continue hiring “based on ideological conformity and racial preference,” says Chad Prather.

One of the universities leading the charge is Texas A&M.

According to a recently published Blaze article, “Texas A&M’s interim president, General Mark A. Welsh, is openly defying the order” and has “signaled to his faculty that DEI business can be conducted as usual.”

While many institutions across the nation find loopholes to dodge bans on DEI initiatives, affirmative action, and teaching CRT, Texas A&M University isn’t even attempting to hide its open defiance of Abbott’s orders.

Its website of job listings is proof.

“An IT manager must be champion of ‘workplace diversity and inclusiveness,’” Chad reads. “A senior graduate student specialist must ‘work to enhance the diversity of the students,'” and the list goes on and on. However, according to a recent report, some of these listings were quickly taken down after Blaze released the article.

“Here’s the problem,” Chad explains. “If your main focus is diversity candidates, you don’t care about excellence in the job, in the workplace, [or] in the world of education. You’re not caring about pursuing truth; you’re just about looking diverse, and it becomes a joke. So now you are producing mediocrity, you’re producing subpar performance, [and] you don’t have the results that you need to have.”

Texas A&M clearly doesn’t understand that though.

“It’s so important for us to pursue mediocrity and subpar performance based on stupid things like skin color or sexual preferences or pronouns or how somebody identifies with a gender … that we’re willing to literally s*** the bed in our academic field of study,” mocks Chad.

To hear more about what’s going on at Texas A&M, watch the clip below.

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