Ted Cruz and Katie Britt propose ‘IVF Protection Act’

Republican Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Katie Britt of Alabama are pushing a measure that would make it so that as a condition of receiving Medicaid funding, states may not bar the practice of in vitro fertilization.

The text of the measure defines in vitro fertilization as “the practice whereby eggs are collected from ovaries and manually fertilized by sperm, for later placement inside of a uterus.”

‘Dystopian nightmare.’

“The legislation would require, as a condition of receiving federal Medicaid funding, that states don’t prohibit IVF,” Cruz and Britt noted in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece. “IVF is profoundly pro-family. Some 2% of live births in the U.S. result from IVF, representing tens of thousands of families fulfilling dreams of parenthood.”

“Our bill doesn’t impede states from setting up health and safety standards to govern IVF, nor does it compel any individual or organization to provide IVF against its wishes or beliefs. It simply ensures that access to IVF is fully protected by federal law, as there is currently no such federal law in place,” the GOP lawmakers wrote. “This is an opportunity to unite on a shared bipartisan commitment to life, family, and personal liberty by protecting access to IVF treatments in every corner of America.”

But BlazeTV host Allie Beth Stuckey has offered a starkly different take.

“Included in the ‘right to IVF’ is the right to create, select, discard, buy, and sell living human beings. Dystopian nightmare,” she tweeted in response to a post about the senators’ proposal.

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