PM Netanyahu and Mark Levin talk war, Hamas, and the Iranian war machine

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is leading a country with the only military — to Mark Levin’s knowledge — that is trained not to kill civilians.

But the “corrupt, pathetic American media” isn’t going to tell you that. Which is why Levin is sitting down with Netanyahu himself.

“How is the war progressing, and is Israel winning?” Levin asks Netanyahu.

“The war is progressing well, and we’re going to win. We have no other choice,” he tells Levin. “Coincidentally,” he adds, “there are fewer civilian casualties because we called on the civilian population in Gaza to leave.”

While Netanyahu is trying to save the civilians of Gaza, Hamas has attempted to stop them from leaving at gunpoint.

According to Netanyahu, Hamas is “actually using gunfire to prevent them from leaving the zones of battle.”

Despite Hamas’ best efforts, those civilians still left.

“And so the number of civilians is actually, those that are killed, is going down. The number of terrorists is going up,” Netanyahu explains.

“This is a battle of the forces of civilization against the forces of barbarism, and if barbarism wins in our part of the world, Europe will be next and America will be next,” he warns.

Netanyahu calls this barbaric force “the axis of terror,” which includes Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and “other minions.”

“Israel is fighting our war, but it’s also fighting America’s war. It’s fighting your war, and our victory will be your victory,” he continues.

Netanyahu notes that if the people of America had been concerned about civilian casualties in areas where Allies were fighting Nazis during World War II, we wouldn’t have seen the victory we did.

“History would have been catastrophic if we didn’t keep our eye focused on who’s to blame,” he says. “We have to get the simple things straight. While Israel is doing everything in its power to keep civilians out of harm’s way, Hamas is doing everything in its power to keep civilians in harm’s way.”

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