Ohio bar imposes weekend ban on those under 30 to curb violence: Report

Young professionals in the greater Groveport, Ohio, area will have to find somewhere else to go or something else to do on the weekend now that one local bar has banned anyone under age 30 from entering on Friday and Saturday nights, likely in an effort to curb violence.

Two weeks ago, the folks at Donerick’s Pub in Groveport, about 20 minutes outside Columbus, posted to Facebook a photo of a new sign alerting prospective patrons about their policies. For one thing, those arriving after 10 p.m. have to pay the $5 or $10 cover charge in cash. “No cash app/No Venmo!” the sign read.

‘The amount of clientele we’ve gained on the weekends has made us have to make adjustments for safety purposes. Keeping our customers safe is our top priority!’

However, the policy that has attracted the most attention is that adults under 30 years of age will no longer be welcome on Friday and Saturday nights. “No exceptions,” the sign emphasized.

Though the establishment did not specify the reason for this new policy, a few comments referenced a fight that reportedly occurred in a parking lot outside Donerick’s shortly before the policy was imposed. An Instagram video depicting a fight and with Donerick’s as its tagged location shows at least three women, one of whom is entirely naked, scuffling while a crowd of bystanders stand about.

Donerick’s seemed to confirm the incident in reply to a suggestion about imposing a dress code. When one user doubted whether such a dress code would be effective since one of the women in the fight had no clothes on, Donerick’s joked, “I can promise you she did when she entered and left the building!”

A couple of posts also suggested a shooting occurred near the bar, and Donerick’s responded to one of those posts without issuing a denial. Donerick’s also tacitly acknowledged in another reply that “violence” has become a problem. “We will try different methods to keep the violence down. It will not be tolerated,” the account stated.

“The amount of clientele we’ve gained on the weekends has made us have to make adjustments for safety purposes. Keeping our customers safe is our top priority!” it said in response to another comment.

Most users in the comments supported the new age-based policy. Many even suggested bumping the age up to 35 or 40. However, others slammed the bar for engaging in ageism.

“What they are doing is illegal its age discrimination. Sue em,” one person wrote.

“If the state is 21 and up bars should not be allowed to discriminate against 21- 29 year olds in my opinion. Because not only do you hurt your sales but you lose customers as well,” said another.

Donerick’s did not respond to the New York Post’s request for comment.

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