LSU women’s basketball head coach is the biggest villain in the league. And we’re totally cheering her on

Jason Whitlock may be an outspoken Caitlin Clark fan, but for the Hawkeye’s face-off against LSU, he’s is rooting for the Tigers.

But it has nothing to do with LSU’s superstar Angel Reese, aka the “Bayou Barbie.”

“LSU coach Kim Mulkey is the real star of women’s college hoops,” Whitlock says, but in the league, she is considered “the real villain” because she’s a “force who threatens the left wing’s narrative on all of sports.”

While Whitlock believes Clark is “the most interesting and electrifying athlete in all of sports,” he also believes that “Mulkey is the most dangerous person in sports.”

“She’s the disruptor. The left-wing establishment wants to destroy Kim Mulkey. She’s the real ‘Bayou Barbie.’ The left hates her because she’s the antithesis of their chosen savior, South Carolina coach Dawn Staley,” he says.

While the ladies LSU team prepared for their Sweet 16 matchup against UCLA, the Washington Post published an 8,000 word takedown of Mulkey.

According to Whitlock, the piece framed Mulkey as “paranoid, vindictive, isolating, mean-spirited, and unloving.”

Mulkey and her lawyers pre-emptively threatened a lawsuit over the article, which likely forced reporters to tone down the attack.

The real reason the article was written, according to Whitlock, is because “Mulkey had the audacity to refuse to worship the LGBTQ alphabet mafia.”

“She advised Brittney Griner and other homosexual players to keep their private lives private” and “wasn’t a fan of tattoos” or “constantly changing hair colors.”

“Mulkey, without saying it, clearly believes there’s only two genders,” Whitlock says.

While that may make her an enemy in the realm of women’s basketball, she’s a hero in Whitlock’s eyes.

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