Leftist Musician, Obama Pal John Legend Tells MSNBC Trump ‘Racist at His Core’

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Champagne socialist lectures Americans on why Orange Man bad.

Limousine liberal John Legend, who’s pals with Democrat ex-President Barack Obama, claimed former President Donald Trump is a “dyed in the wool” racist in a recent MSNBC interview.

“He’s made it clear throughout his life that he believes black people are inferior. Like he believes that to his core in his bones,” Legend said in an interview on Sunday with former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, offering absolutely no proof to back his claims.

🔥🚨BREAKING NEWS: John Legend told MSNBC that Donald Trump is a racist at his core.

Legend stated: “He’s made it clear throughout his life that Black people are inferior, he believes that to his core… but also when you hear some of the stray comments he makes.

He clearly… pic.twitter.com/nhtEIEmcNB

— Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives (@dom_lucre) April 22, 2024

The entertainer, known to have close ties with the Obama administration, went on to falsely claim Trump blocked black people from living in his buildings and that the former president “believes in a genetic hierarchy,” and is “racially determined” — whatever that means.

“He wouldn’t let us live in his buildings back in the day,” Legend said. “But also when you hear some of the stray comments he makes, he clearly believes in a genetic hierarchy of humanity and he’s racially determined. So he is a tried and true, like, dyed-in-the-wool racist, like, in the core of his being, he’s a racist.”

“So I don’t want to hear what he has to say about what he’s done for black people. He’s done very little for us and he is at his core truly, truly a racist and you even hear what he says about immigration and what countries he wants people to come in from — they all are very white.”

“He’s not been an ally,” he continued. “At the same time he’s claiming credit for those small things, he’s also saying if people are stealing something they should get shot in the middle of the store. When we protested the killing of George Floyd, he advocated for the military to shoot us in the streets.”

Legend’s out-of-left-field slander and outright lies against the 45th president reeks of desperation, especially considering the musician and his supermodel wife are known to be devout Democrats — who at one time made an odd comment about having sex at an “Obama thing.”

Now that Obama’s sexuality is going mainstream. Watch this clip of Chrissy Teigen talking about the best place her and John Legend had sex.

“Probably the Obama thing,” she says. 🤮 pic.twitter.com/aCHuE8Yoly

— LIZ CROKIN (@LizCrokin) August 12, 2023

As for Legend’s allegations, the Justice Dept. sued the Trump organization in 1973, claiming he violated civil rights laws by refusing to rent to black tenants; however, Trump and his father responded with a $100 million countersuit accusing the government of defamation.

While Trump ultimately settled with the DOJ out of court, there was never an admission of guilt and Trump later highlighted in his 1987 book, “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” that he’d ordered his managers to weed out low-income tenants no matter what race, writing, “What we didn’t do was rent to welfare cases, white or black.”

One sad prospect is Democrats may have trotted out Legend to try to counteract Trump’s surging popularity with black voters.

Blacks for Trump release song, say Donald Trump is the first black President. They’re behind him 500 percent. WATCH pic.twitter.com/8ofk4PnOLu

— Simon Ateba (@simonateba) April 22, 2024

This Black American PATRIOTIC WOMAN boldly and proudly stands with Donald J Trump. Do you?

FULL VIDEO : https://t.co/o8HOx3PyBS
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— Adam Francisco (@adamfrancisco_) April 17, 2024

Watch the full John Legend MSNBC interview:

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