Activist Who Called On Trans Women To “Arm Up” Enraged By Conservative Media Coverage

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Tranny tirade was posted in response to people who asserted they would never allow a man to enter a woman’s lavatory while their daughters were present.

Is biological men forcing their way into women’s bathrooms really a hill worth dying on?  Transgender activist “Tara Jay” (originally named Thomas Jay White) seems to think so.  A year ago Thomas made a TikTok that went viral, calling on trans women (men) to ‘arm up’ and be ready to die (or possibly kill) in the event that they are prevented from using public bathrooms reserved for legitimate females.  The tirade was posted in response to people who asserted they would never allow a man to enter a woman’s lavatory while their daughters were present.  Thomas claims this would be ‘the last mistake they ever make.’  Here is the original screed:

It probably doesn’t need to be noted that White does not look remotely like a woman.  Despite this, he considers himself a woman as well as a Poly Trans lesbian using she/her/hers pronouns, meaning, he is still a man that is attracted to women sexually. His call for activists to purchase guns and be ready to “die on the hill” of access to women’s bathrooms was used widely by conservative media personalities as a clear example of the unhinged nature of the trans movement. 

As is common among such activists, rather than taking stock of his statements and realizing how insane they sound, White has doubled down recently and posted a new response threatening specific conservative commentators with “a knock on their door” (ostensibly in the form of lawsuits) should they continue with their scrutiny of his videos and background.

Radical trans activist who threatened people who would question him using the women’s bathroom is threatening people again. He specifically mentions me, Tim Pool, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Steven Crowder. “You’re gonna get a knock on your door.”

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) April 21, 2024

The trans movement increasingly represents people who are already deeply disturbed and unstable, people who latch onto trans identity as a way to act out on their darker impulses thinking they will be protected because of their status.  Then there are the people who simply want as much attention as possible.

Nearly every major study on the psychology of people identifying as trans, or as gender dysphoric, has found the majority have been diagnosed with at least one mental illness besides a disconnection from their gender.  Notably, trans women (men) had far higher rates of narcissism than the societal average.  Around 0.5% of the regular population is inclined towards narcissism – The trans woman population is 10.4% narcissistic.  That’s a massive separation.   

This greatly helps to explain the behaviors of many trans activists and clarifies why it’s important to keep such people in check rather than giving them whatever they want in the name of “inclusion.”   The growing militancy of trans activists is merely an extension of the growing militancy of the far left in general.  The problem is not so much that they claim they’re willing to fight for what they believe in; it’s that what they believe in is oppression of the majority and the deconstruction of normality for the sake of their ideology.

It’s not enough for people to tolerate trans activists – Everyone is required to embrace them, affirm them, celebrate them and submit to their every demand.  And, if you don’t submit, then you’re a “bigot” and thus fair game for violent retaliation.      

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