Mark Hamill has eyebrow-raising opinion on ‘the best president we’ve ever had’

Actor Mark Hamill of “Star Wars” fame made the eyebrow-raising claim that President “Joe Biden is the best president we’ve ever had.”

The post from Hamill, who played the character Luke Skywalker in multiple “Star Wars” films, has earned nearly 7 million views so far on X.

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“Not satire,” Seth Dillon, CEO of the satire site the Babylon Bee, wrote when retweeting Hamill’s post.

“The galactic level of delusion or dishonesty necessary to even form that sentence Is gobsmacking,” Jim Hanson wrote in response to Hamill’s post.

“Hollywood liberals like Mark Hamill think regular Americans are stupid. All it takes is one trip to the gas station or grocery store to know Joe Biden is a horrible President,” Brigitte Gabriel wrote.

“The Last Jedi is the worst Stars Wars movie we’ve ever had,” Stephen Miller tweeted.

“Worst Jedi mind trick ever,” John Cooper wrote.

Hamill, who is an outspoken Trump opponent, tweeted on April 1, “I was thinking of posting that I’ve changed my mind & decided to join the MAGA crowd, then I remembered how much I dislike April Fool’s jokes.”

“I voted for four more years of an orange-free Oval Office,” he wrote in a March 5 tweet, adding the hashtag “#BidenHarris2024”

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